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Thread: 2020 Survey

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    2020 Survey

    Chance to answer some loaded questions about how great DNA and the pies are. Nothing about the move out of the city. There's boxes you can add your tuppence worth about the white elephant if you want.

    I'd have loved a decent section on opinions about moving the club but maybe they don't want to hear opinions on that.

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    there seemed to be a fair few questions about making things better at Pittodrie, I really can see the move to an inland stadium nae happen - Great

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    I completed the survey as best I could but there was more than one answer applicable to a number of questions so I sent an E-Mail to the link stating that and drawing their attention to a number of things notably where I couldn't comment on some answers. All in all a flawed survey as you can't give or say what you want to say. I did let them have it in the box I could comment on about not renewing DNA.

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    Pretty safe isnít it?

    I replied that Iíd only buy a programme if they redesigned the AFC padded jacket with bigger pooches suitable for carrying stuff (ken...).

    I also said that the match day experience would be enhanced immeasurably by re-instating the 10 minute Proper Manniesí half-time break rather than the latter-day poovery of 15 minutes.

    You can thank me when these strategic improvements are introduced next season.

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    I suggested if they must move to the green belt the least they could do is name the stadium "Todders" shoe in for the £50 gift voucher me thinks.

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    I said I winna be back until the fitba isn't sh@te

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