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    I'm just wondering about the loan signing of the Middlesboro youngster. As the same time as his signing, Porter is about to reappear in the squad. At Walsall, Chuma was chosen ahead of him. Yet, Walker has come here to get games. He comes highly rated, in fact could have gone to a League one club. So what's going on? Will he return after a short time after not being used or what?
    He's not a big player so what were Artell's plans for him? Unless he's thinking of playing him in one of the other positions (but Charlie is his "game changer" and Powell is on a roll). Perhaps he's going to switch to 4-4-2.
    Any ideas?

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    He was surely never going to get a start 24 hours after arriving, but would likely have come on at Walsall if we still needed a goal - or if we'd had a more comfortable lead. He's not much shorter than DA (photo side by side) so probably is big enough to play No 9. His opportunities will depend now on whether Chuma's recovered as he seemed to have on Saturday from the inability to sprint off the mark that affected him against Orient, and how long it takes Ports to get match fit. Certainly gives us the chance to play 4-4-2 as a change without it just being Chuma and Powell playing as a two after starting the match. When we signed Walker it looked as if we might not have a centre forward who would be able to last the 90 minutes - more hopeful position now.

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    Brought in I think in case Chuma got injured as it will be a while before Porter can play 90 minutes. I hope he gets a chance though

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