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Thread: Cheins 3rd club ??

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    Cheins 3rd club ??

    Our co chairman has put a bid of 8-10 million to buy French lg2 club Troyes, this could be the third club he's invested in with BFC and swiss club FC Thun already in his bulging pocket. I wonder what our position would be if he just concentrated on BFC and spent the money he's investing in other clubs just on making us a promotion challenging championship club

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    If the French FA had any morality about them they should step in and stop this sale given their record at OGC Nice .

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    Am still struggling to work art what Dog's motives are in looking to buy up cheap clubs in various European leagues.

    Barnsley FC is clearly just one piece in this strategy, whatever it is. There is no love for our club. It is part of the plan and could be anywhere--Hull, Boro, Brentford dodged the bullet and he dropped on us as a club with no debt.

    Beware of the Dog.

    Summats not reyt .

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    Theyre not in it for the good of Barnsley FC and its supporters, nor OGC Nice, FC Thun or Troyes. Or any other club.

    That's for sure.

    Its year of the rat,,,,,, beware of The Dog

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