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Thread: I bet sky are worried?

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    I bet sky are worried?

    Millions of people tonight cancelling their subscription, haha. Hate sky and their monopoly over the game.
    No football, racing, golf, cricket, motor racing, you Name it, its gone for about 3-6 Months.

    Cancel the season, cancel euros, what about the winter world cup. I spoke with a nurse who said this could take 3 years to clear!!😳

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    SKY will no doubt have huge cash reserves to fall back on and simply revise their business forecasts for 2020/21, at least Amazon managed to get a foot in the door this season & didn't they do a good job of it too. Sky should be more worried about the free streams and how that's testing people's opinions of the value they get from their subscription - it's bl00dy expensive, I canned it years ago (before streams).

    On a wider scale the economic and social effects of this virus could be felt for years - a lot of people will be isolating at home and when they've gotten bored of boxsets will be evaluating how they live & work. It's as if the reset button is being pressed in the world.

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    Well said, our company has had a travel ban now for 2 weeks and we are all given a Skype account in preparation to work from home. The sic thing is that there really will be nothing to watch in terms of sport. Can definately see Sky holding back on paying clubs this year if its called off.
    Looking at Sky news now, they already have nothing to talk about apart from the virus. I can see all their independant channels now just playing re-runs from this season. Who wants to pay for that?

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