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Thread: This is new for me !

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    This is new for me !

    Burnley warn they will go BUST in August if football lockdown has not ended with £50 m of revenue and TV cash on line.

    The Clarets boss revealed they stand to lose £50 MILLION if the current season is cancelled ó and warned other Premier League clubs face losses of as much as £100 M.

    Garlick said the situation is so dire that his club ó one of the best run in the top flight ó will be potless later this summer unless the deadly Covid-19 pandemic has eased by then.

    He said: ďThe fact of the matter is, if we donít finish the season and there isnít a clear start date for next season, we, as a club, will run out of money by August. That is a fact.

    ďI canít speak for other clubs, I donít know their financial positions. All I can speak for us our club and our position.
    Thatís why weíre very determined that when of course it is safe to do so, we really want to finish this season.Ē

    Garlick, speaking to Sky Sports News, added: ďWe voted unanimously to finish the season, so itís clear everyone wants to get the job done. ( read on if its not 'Fake News' ??)

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    No new signings for us then.

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    The situation really is dire for football, I said a few days ago that if we go under there'll be 90 other clubs going before us. Could see Clitheroe in the Champions League at this rate.

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    The SKY balloon had to burst sometime.

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    The obvious solution is to call a meeting of your employees,in Burnley's case all your playing staff.We can see from the Accounts that wages is the reason that the Club could go bust.The players do not want to have no Club to play for after August so the solution is a short term 90% wage cut and then review the position in a month.

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    False News,it's just the grubby Sun putting a spin on what was said.. We are nowhere near going bust..

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfinyalcabo View Post
    False News,it's just the grubby Sun putting a spin on what was said.. We are nowhere near going bust..
    Hey Alf, never forget its Burnley Football Club we are talking about here, maybe not spelling it out as the Sun has published, but Garlick on the official Club site has put the seed in everyone's head, might have taken him a while but it does not come as a shock to me that the main man is pleading poverty every chance he gets.

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