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Thread: Furlough of Employees

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    Furlough of Employees

    Any views on this post but here's mine!

    West Brom
    I take my hat off to Jenkins for taking a 100% pay cut in these current times as this is leading by example

    Furlough of Staff
    When the Government announced this along with other measures it was on the basis to help those who were needy! Well done Man City for declining to take money off the government by way of furlough of non playing staff.

    Liverpool, Spurs and Newcastle - especially
    In my eyes for Liverpool and Spurs to furlough non playing staff with their profits is really taking the piss! No wonder footballers make many sick at the moment taking huge salaries whilst others suffer! In terms of Newcastle - you would not expect anything else from a fat chav like Ashley!!! You only need to look at the refund policies or reviews on Sports Direct or the recent Jack Wills purchase to understand the man is a complete crook ( as well as a moron )

    Personally - I think footballers should be doing far far more. NHS staff are putting themselves on the front line, whilst supermarket staff quite rightly have been paid a bonus.

    Where are the bonus payments for the NHS staff and what about some of these very wealthy individuals/footballers paying something towards these NHS volunteers who are putting their lives at risk for the love of society!!!

    From experience recently, I rate the NHS as first class and they deserve better! I know many have turned off from football/don't miss it as of late mainly due to the sheer greed factor! I can totally relate to these sentiments!
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    Hey Al. Good to see you posting. Wishing you a speedy recovery chap.

    Yes. Agree with your comments. Liverpool posted a £42M profit yet decide to go cheap and use the scheme designed to protect way more vulnerable businesses than them to their benefit. Greed and lacking class doesnít even start to describe them. Owners worth nearly £3Billion yet still decide to fleece the tax payer in a national emergency showing them to be morally bankrupt when the NHS and government funds are getting hammered. The numbers simply do not add up as Liverpool did not need to do this. Didnít expect anything better of Ashley or Levy tbh

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