Hello everyone. Missing your football fix due to corona? Stuck and home and looking for something to fill the time?

We got you!

Xpert11 is an online football management game that lets you build a team, set the tactics, make the press releases all whilst competing against like-minded people. It can take as little as 10 minutes a week to as much as 20 minutes an hour if you get hooked.

We have a Clarets Championship where there are currently 40+ active teams managed by Clarets fans. We're about to enter our 55th season.

If this sounds even slightly interesting to you then why not give it a go? You can sign up at the website http://www.***********.com, once registered you can find the league using the league ID 43119. I'll then need to approve the application which will take up to a maximum of 24 hours.

You will be able to either take over an existing team that's sacked it's manager (for inactivity, not poor performance - you can be as poor as you want and stay in the job!) or start up an entirely new team.

The season will be a week or three away from starting but best to sign up now to get in before the door closes and so you can get the most from pre-season.

Any questions please feel free to fire away and I, or one of the league's many managers, will answer.

Thanks for your time!

Assistant League Admin, legend of the Clarets Championship (in his own mind) and manager of Padiham Beach