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Thread: Julian Nagelsmann - The future of Football Management

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    Julian Nagelsmann - The future of Football Management

    The Athletic via Tifo Football (super smart football content broken down simply and clearly) break down the rise of RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann.

    When the take over goes through, this is the man I would most want to take over as manager of Newcastle United, rather than Allegri or any of the other big names which have been mooted to take over once the current disasterous ownership is terminated.

    Thoughts bonny lads and lasses?

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    Love Tifo Football, has definitely become my favourite YouTube channel football-wise. Just the fact that they've decided not to include jumpstyle techno music in their video takes them miles ahead of anybody else on the www.

    Regarding Nagelsmann; it's a truly fascinating story. Manager in the Bundesliga - which I believe is close to the Premier League in terms of quality and intensity - at the age of 28!!!

    And did well at it too. So well that he was hired by the multimillionaires at RB Leipzig to take them to the top, and he's having a more than decent crack at it.

    To be honest, I'd love to see Allegri here with proper backing. But I think I'll agree with you Raga; at the moment, Nagelsmann would be my first choice. But even writing that just feels so far removed from reality when thinking about who we've actually got as an owner, managing director and manager.

    By the way, TiFo has got some great videos on NUFC as well.

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    Nagelsmann replacing Bruce would be like putting lava in your freezer. I think a huge crack would open up down the middle of the pitch at St Jamesí!

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    Id rather have Allegri

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