I know the old boy isn't very well at the moment after picking up the the virus, but i have been noticing for a couple of years now of the strange colour he is.
He has never been the most handsome of men and would probably have remained a virgin if he had been a milkman and didn't have a crown on his head, but lately his face appears bright pink and blotchy.
He either has high blood pressure or he is suffering from the same affliction of his nan and Auntie Marg.
Like Edward V11 who came to the throne late i don't think he will have a long reign. He is well into his seventies now.
What are people called who are born or live under a reign of someone called Charles? Charltons or Chucka's? How about William? Billies?
They should choose more carefully when choosing Royal names. Edwardians, Victorians, Georgians and Elizabethans all roll easily off the tongue.
I used to like the old names of Kings like Bloodaxe, Ironside, The Lion etc. Windsor doesn't really work does it?
Still, f uck em eh?