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Thread: Premier League Player Wage Cuts.

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    Premier League Player Wage Cuts.

    Lots being said about this but hereís my take.

    Itís taking the p I s s when wealthy clubs are asking players to take a 30% wage cut because the clubs are still receiving their TV rights money.

    Owners are taking the pee by expecting players to take less whilst furloughing staff and keeping their cash pile healthy! looks bad when players are grasping for all their pay at such a time.

    Simple solution.

    The players all agree to start a foundation to which they all agree to donate say 20% of their salary this season and each club agreed to pay in £10m.

    Itís then written into players contracts that each year they perform in the PL 5% of their salary goes I to the fund and the clubs each pay in £5m a season.

    The fund is managed by ex players and respected national figures ALL of whom agree to work for the fund for nothing.

    The proceeds are then distributed to worthy causes in the form of goods or items or services that are properly procured at the best possible prices through a fully audited system to avoid favouritism and corruption.

    To me this is a no brainer and would create massive goodwill.

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    Sound good to me. On the whole most players pay their taxes. It's the tax avoiders, we should be after, some of Gamblers in the city will make more than most players in couple of days using other peoples money.
    I used to work nights data cabling in the City of London ,ialso work in prisons who seemed more honest than these brokers.

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