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Thread: P iss taking Chinese

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    P iss taking Chinese

    Had a light show in wuhan to celebrate beating the virus.

    ****ers give it to the rest of us with thousands dying daily and have p iss up themselves.

    China should never have been allowed to trade with the rest of the world until democracy was established there, but greed outweighed human rights.

    The Chinese care about no one else apart from themselves and having been to Beijing, they eat anything so this virus isn't a one off.

    This is controversial, but no country should trade with them until they have paid compensation for the damage to all other economies.

    And trying to say it is a American virus is pathetic.

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    I agree with so much of this BB.

    Unfortunately we sip from the devilís bowl and I include myself in this.

    Theyíre producing so much of what the world requires that thereís no easy or quick solution.

    It would take India 30 plus years to gear up to replace China as a producer.

    Memories are 12 months time if you ask the average Brit if he wants to pay £500 for his new phone made in China or £2500 for the same one made in the U.K. you know what the answer will be.

    Chinese in factories are lucky to earn £200 a month for working a six day week whereas the equivalent Brit will want more than 12 times that for the same level of capability.

    Despite the hurt it would cause financially I think a large import tax should be levied against every item exported from China until they agree to close down every wet food market and ban the sale of live or dead wild and domestic animals for human consumption!

    In any country can stop something itís China.

    A word out of line against the state and youíre likely to be shot so if they ban these food practices then it would happen.

    Part of the problem is the Chinese elite who devour this s h I t themselves.


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    Watch American factory on netflix for their work practices.

    They are lucky to get one day off a month and yet they are so subservient and are up in arms if anyone says anything about their government like ozil did and that Nba chap.

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