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Thread: Sadiq Khan

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    Sadiq Khan

    One of my mates from driving bus's was in the news today, well his picture was anyway, he switched garages from my old firm Abellio to Arriva about 18 month's ago.

    He suited himself up like this 3 weeks ago sending me a photo through Whatsapp, I didn't know whether he was pulling my plonker until other bus driver mates told me they had seen him driving the bus wearing it.

    Now this lying arsehole Khan has stated that bus's driver don't need PPE, they probably don't, but they are not even given disposable gloves or alcohol gel/wipes, which are needed as you have to check your bus at every terminus, that means press every bell and swing on every monkey bar to make sure they are stable, if they are not you will lose your job if a member of the public grabs a safety bar and its become broken.

    As for deep cleaning bus's, I know of 4 London companies that don't do this, if they cannot hand out free gloves and wipes to 15 an hour bus drivers they are not going to give them to Polish Shunters who's job it would be to "deep clean" at the end of a long days shift who are only on 9 an hour.

    You'd think Khan would know better being Mayor of London especially with his Daughter doing the job, but just like Doris Johnson before him, he's a jumped up prick who hasn't got a clue.

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    I have read with some disbelief about the lack of PPE for London Transport staff Alto.

    It is simply nowhere near good enough for the Mayor of London to express deep condolences for the death of his employees when he has failed to provide the very means his employees need to protect them.

    I hope you would have had the common sense to stick two fingers up and self-isolate?

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    I think it's a different alphabet, possibly Arabic I don't know, but I believe his name, K-H-A-N, when spelt using our alphabet is C-U-N-T.

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