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Thread: Reconstruction

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    It looks like a vote on reconstruction might be next.

    So, a temporary fix or a long term change?

    A top flight of 14 splitting after two rounds (26 games) into a top 6 and bottom 8 giving a further 10 and 14 fixtures?

    Place your bets.

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    Think that’s already past the post before next vote is even taken. IMO this was all agreed long before Dundee changed/ amended their vote

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    I'm with you on that - it's about the only 'exit strategy' - to use an increasingly common phrase - that enough clubs could put up with and, however reluctantly, to which, after 'tough negotiations' and 'concessions' - on matters which nobody's really caring about were made - they could give their support.
    My own plan - restructure the whole thing without inviting two particular clubs from Glasgow - probably wouldn't get any votes at all. Only kidding...……...

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    Infighting, scurrilous deals, slagging matches, 'Ma Da's bigger than your Da', yadda-yadda ...

    That fek*in Sevco mob really need to get their act together! Does anyone really think their Board's 'protestations' are legit? They want the money immediately, but are merely putting on 'a show' for their supporters IMO so they can say 'we tried to stop 9 in a row'. Thousands are dying - do the right thing and end your silly game playing !!

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