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Thread: What's happening behind closed doors?

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    What's happening behind closed doors?

    So, there seems to be some impetus to finishing the season behind closed doors. Whilst this option will be fine and dandy for Big Money Premier League teams, will it be of any use to the rest of us?
    Most, if not all, PL teams have their own in-house TV and/or will be in demand from various media sources. But what about the Alex? Our TV 'rights' are managed by the EFL. Will they allow the current system to be adjusted for local needs? For example, can deals be sorted out for season ticket holders? Will EFL continue its TV coverage from a centralised position or will it adapt to save those clubs lower down?
    If clubs were allowed to keep the 'gate money' for televised 'behind-closed-doors' games, this could be a life-saver for low budget clubs. Further, if the system could be pushed out beyond the current range of subscribers to I-Follow, then 'attendances' could possibly rise as people wouldn't have to leave their chairs to watch. The negative here is how it could be rolled out to wider audiences without being swamped by PL coverage. Different kick-off times maybe?
    This is just a thought, and not a very deeply thought-out idea. Any other thoughts, feedback?

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    Sorry Gazan, you can ask all the questions under the sun, but none of us have got a clue.
    And tbf, with another 800+ deaths again today, it's a long way down my list of priorities.

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    And mine! However, you can't dwell on the worst aspects of life all the time. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel and this was the purpose of my distraction. Do you never send amusing posts to friends as respite from the daily horror?

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