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Thread: Deid (barman edition)

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    Deid (barman edition)

    Sandy Broon fae the lumpie.

    RIP min

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    Sad news. Was a regular in the Lumpie for years. Saturday's before and after a game, Friday or Saturday night upstairs, in the bar if we didn't go to an away game. Listening on the radio and playing one of the best jukers in town. RIP Sandy min.

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    Proper Mannies’ local legend. Proper Mannies’ boozer.
    That jukebox (nae in use) is still in the upstairs bar, I think, it and a rake of redundant fruit machines playing fast with regulations pertaining to upper floor fire escapes.

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    I am sure when the Aberdeen Mad Golf Outings were on the go we went in there and he gave us biscuits and cheese (free) while we were having drinks. A great host.

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