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Thread: Injuries to yourself

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    Injuries to yourself

    At the beginning of this lockdown I broke my kneecap whilst having a carry on with my youngest son at a local Tesco store. I thought at first I must have popped my kneecap out of place and said to the store staff I would be okay and good to go once my kneecap was back in place. I lifted the leg of the jeans to reveal a nasty surprise so I really then noticed I couldn’t continue with the shopping (had absolutely nothing in the trolley at the time) ��
    I will post a picture of the injury after surgery (the very next day).
    Anyway this got me thinking about our club players injuries etc. I got told it will be a minimum of 10 weeks before I am walking more like normal. I listened to the advice and can report that I have now been walking around without crutches etc for the past few days. Maybe our good club should hire the knee specialist who done my operation and helped with sound advice?

    Anyone else gave themselves a dull one during the lockdown or fairly recently?

    (For some reason I cannot get a picture posted, leave it with me)
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