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Thread: Loan/Advance to Motherwell...

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    Loan/Advance to Motherwell...

    How public was it that the club had received a significant sum of cash from the SPFL in 2017?
    Was a bit surprised/disappointed to learn this from the media now that new details are coming out.
    I do recall not just once but several times the post split schedule for home/away games were not kind but that the "missing" old firm game was one that the club was loudly complaining. Just had not heard that the club had requested funds from the league in such circumstances. So, the WS was unable to help at that time?

    Gotta admit this is a little embarrassing coming out now, but not as bad as it could have been.

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    Neil Doncaster's interview on Sportsound revealed that both Motherwell and Partick Thistle received advance fee payments in 2016 because a "fixture anomaly" meant we had only 2 visits from old firm clubs that season. These were early payments of monies due (150,000) and not loans. Have listen to the snippet starting 4 minutes into the recording.

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    We were fully entitled to this cash having earned it. This payment was made early thats all end of. Routine payments from the SPFL are notorious for arriving late.

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