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Thread: Reconstruction scuppered?

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    Reconstruction scuppered?

    Looks like there's no agreement about the way forward.

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    Utterly predictable. Not that I'm especially unhappy about it.

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    Part 1 of the saga ends ... just need that mob at Greyskull to be told part 2 and we can all move on; whatever 'move-on' means?

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    I'm not against reconstruction per se at least in some form eventually, but I am against the scheming of Budge.
    Hearts failures all season have been there for all to see & they do deserve their predicament through their own actions and much of that is on Budge & her delegates.

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    Now for the next reconstruction installment whatever that is.................

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    Rangers have decided to save everyone from the ordeal of reconstruction talks again by obtaining a submarine as their are 30,000 leagues under the sea So they might as well go there to try and win one ������⚽️

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