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Thread: Something to do on a long Sunday

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    Something to do on a long Sunday

    It’s worth taking time to read the article about Partick Thistle in The Sunday Sun (yes, I know, not the finest paper) and get to the letter from Thistle to the SPFL Chairman. In my view Thistle have been treated in a completely offhand manner by the SPFL, as if they are a club of no consequence. Thistle, I think, have acted in a commendable fashion in contrast to the SPFL. Why should we as ‘Well fans be bothered? Because that is how we would have been treated by the SPFL if we had been in Thistle’s position - the SPFL office bearers only care about themselves, not individual clubs. Hope this link to the article works:

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    They may have a point they may not. Its a very one sided report which isn't surprising given the media's traditional love for Partick. Its telling though that in their letter of 30 April to the SPFL they clearly state that they won't make it public yet thats exactly what they've now done? I'd prefer to have the SPFL's response before coming to a conclusion.

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    They certainly have a point that they have been treated in an offhand manner and of course the SPFL could have handled things better.

    But...there has hardly been a sports organization which couldn't have handled things better, the SPFL hardly stands out in that. It's an unprecedented situation. And calling on the SPFL to be mature and not respond the mud slinging from Rangers, which the media all too gleefully carries, is downright idiotic.

    Regardless of what you choose, you're going to annoy someone. You either scrap relegation and leave a few clubs moaning about lost promotion or you keep promotion and clubs moan about relegation. It's not fair on whoever loses out but there's no way the season can be completed and if 80%-plus of clubs find consensus on how to proceed then Partick, Hearts, Stranraer and Falkirk - like Cambuur, De Grafschap, Utrecht, Lyon, Toulouse and Amiens - will eventually have to gather the toys they threw out the pram and get on with it.

    It's also worth pointing out that if Thistle had been two points clear of QotS having played a game more, they would be absolutely delighted with this situation. Unless I'm mistaken not one of the 'neutral' midtable sides has done anything other than shrug and say of course we need to get on with it - at some point the aggregate of self-interest becomes the common good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gowboy View Post
    It’s worth taking time to read the article about Partick Thistle in The Sunday Sun[/url]
    Story is also given wall to wall coverage in the Sunday Mail.

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