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Thread: That wonderful day at Pittodrie 2014

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    That wonderful day at Pittodrie 2014

    How high did you jump?

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    Absolutely wonderful.

    Though it also shows how ridiculous some margins can be. Finishing third and getting Europe would have been a great season even if we'd not won at Pittodrie but in isolation we'd have been crucified for the 90 minutes we produced there without an utter fluke from nowhere deep into injury-time. Instead it's an iconic triumphant which will never be forgotten.

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    A great day out and one which I'll remember for a long time. Jamie Langfield produced yet another clanger to gift us the 3 points. My one regret was not being able to see Ainsworth allowed to play the full 90 minutes. Maybe he would have produced another moment of magic.

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    Remember the match announcer stating today’s MOM was the entire Aberdeen team just as we scored brilliant Carlsberg do Motherwell days ������

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    Looking back at that season it's amazing we even managed top six let alone finished second as we were awful throughout but a combination of luck and John Sutton got us there in the end.

    It was worth it to snatch second from right under Aberdeen's noses like that. They and their pals in the media, especially BBC Scotland believed that they were somehow entitled to finish 2nd and it was tremendous to go up there and sicken them right to the core in the dying seconds like that. It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, the cameras panning around Pittodrie at all the glum, shellshocked faces on the locals will never get old.

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    McCall rightly gets panned for his record in the cups but losing the core of the brilliant 11/12 and 12/13 squad, replacing them with near dross (our starting XI that day at Pittodrie included Hollis, Reid, Kerr and Angol!) and finishing second was an absolute miracle. We seemed to go for months winning several games 2-1 having clung on for a full half hour at the end.

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    Not going to dress this up 1 little iota ...

    1. Didn't go - we'd been pi5h for a while pre-Pittodrie and I sensed a '5haggin' !
    2. Listened on the radio - when the guy said 'Lasley's taking the free-kick - this'll be the last play of the game' ... I shouted it would be a 5hite free kick, and that would be that !
    3. 20 seconds later I very nearly crashed the motor in Airbles Road on the way home from the Chinky (sorry, Chinese) takeaway.

    Man, if Carlsberg did 'forrkin it up the Eberdeen' that was their screenplay there n then. The indisputable fact it was a stonewall foul on Langford made it all soooo much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sieb1886 View Post
    The indisputable fact it was a stonewall foul on Langford made it all soooo much better.
    I for one dispute that. Langfield made a complete pigs ear of coming for the cross and thats why Aberdeen lost the game. Apart from that we should have had a penalty seconds before when Hutchison almost had his jersey ripped off his back when tearing into the box. If all that isn't enough then Aberdeen beat us at Fir Park earlier that season by a goal which should have been chalked off. Do I feel guilty? No.

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