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Thread: Accies scrap season tickets

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    Accies scrap season tickets

    Interesting on a few levels that one.

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    Aye, seems like a bit of a risk but they must have based it on the assumption that the former season ticket holders will be willing to stump up for the more expensive gate price. Dear knows how that will work out if they have a rotten season.

    Also, I see they are open to partial refunds on the current season tickets.

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    Very interesting indeed. I can only assume that they have no cash flow issues and can afford to do without in the short to medium term. Great to be in that position.

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    Not only no cash flow crisis in the time of corona but going without a lump sum at the start to budget and sign players is a different approach.

    Most clubs have joke gate prices because they know so few of their home fans pay that way. If Accies don't pass that discount on it's basically an enforced - and substantial - increase to former ST holders. Alternatively, given the rules on pricing, are they suddenly going to let us and the OF in for 'reasonable' prices or keep with high category prices and assume their own fans will just lump/skip it?

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