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Thread: The Future Of Football Post Pandemic

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    The Future Of Football Post Pandemic

    Sounds like a plan ......... but don't hold your breath !!!!

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    I can see English football being Premiership 1 and 2 league 1 and the rest scattered into non league football.If it went on solvency we might be able to get one league up and running.I genuinely fear for some clubs going out of existence.

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    We won’t be part of any top two tiers. Guaranteed.

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    Unfortunately I can see many more foreign 'chancers' like Chien and the murderous Prince from Saudi buying up some of our national treasures for bargain prices.
    There will be some sizeable clubs up for grabs with decent stadia and thousands of loyal supporters prepared to spend money they can't afford.
    Most football fans don't seem to care where the money comes from so long as they've got a team to follow, neither do the FA.
    If this clown is allowed to buy Newcastle it just highlights that fact.
    Then we can prepare for match fixing.
    Nothing will stop 'The Prince' from getting his way especially with other Saudi owned clubs.

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