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Thread: Conflicting thoughts on takeover

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    Conflicting thoughts on takeover

    I'm pretty sure i can speak for all of us, when i say im fed up of waiting for the yellow ticker on Sky saying the takeover is complete.

    On on side you hear its delayed because the Prem are focusing on the restart.

    On the other side, you hear thats its actually lawyers that are looking into the takeover , as thats the norm.

    If thats the case, there should be no delay surely.

    It looks like, the prem are just waiting for someone to come forward with an excuse to reject.

    First it was human rights, then that lass who's boyfriend got killed, then the bein sports crap, then piracy, now showing fa cup games illegally.

    I have always maintained it will go through because any reason to reject will need to be cast iron nailed on or there would be lawsuits from both Saudi and Ashley.

    Fo0king sick to death of the waiting

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    You & me both.That pr*ck Masters further frustrated us by maintaining there is no deadline for a decision.There is FFS not least a duty towards the dedicated supporters & the need for certainty before any AGM. The delay cannot now be a legal one.Im now convinced that there is a serious vendetta against our club.This business of ''chill it takes time'' doesn't resonate with me any more.Its a pi*s take by the EPL & yet again a prejudice against NUFC.

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    I'm waiting for Monday.
    Read it somewhere that Pochetino has some clause in his agreement with Spurs that he owes them some crazy money if he is to join any club till end of May.
    So. there is hope, that they keep it low, to announce it together with new manager - fingers crossed.
    If it doesn't happen on Monday - well, I'll start worrying.

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    Not worried at all about it going through. The only thing what concerns me is the club is in limbo. Can't offer contracts or any refunds until its done and I think it will be unfair if the season restarts with this hanging over the club. It will have an effect on performances and our results.
    As for it getting turned down, not a chance for me. Imagine they did, they would have to inform the govt as it would cause consequences far wider than football. Only to be told to reverse the decision.
    I have the patience of a saint after 13 years of misery but would like it confirmed before the restart.

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    I do think if they coukd find any reason that the prem would stop it happening.

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    there was a report/comment ? the other day that the league had received a copy of the wto judgement between the saudis and qatar . However the wto web site says this report is released on 1st june and sent to the relevent parties and other members of the wto . so how did the preier league get it

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