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Thread: How long does it take to translate a report

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    How long does it take to translate a report

    More delay because WTO wont publish report until its been translated to English Spanish and French, then sent out to its 160 odd member states. If the prem had a leaked version about a week ago how come its not translated yet? Is there some little old lady hunched over a mountain of papers and google translate on her phone in some cupboard under the stairs at WTO HQ.
    Its really starting to get me p!ssed now. FFS someone just say yes or no before I blow a gasket
    Sorry just wanted to vent and as I am still shielding I have no one else to moan too

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    seeing as iot isnt published yet, how can they be saying the saudis have been condemned in the strongest possible way in it - according to some **** this morning

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