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Thread: BeIn Tv making threats

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    BeIn Tv making threats

    Saying that they won't get involved next time bidding is up for grabs etc.

    BeInSports now resorting to threats, this was always what it was about...’David Sugden, director of corporate affairs at beIN Media Group.“The next cycle of rights we will not bid anything near what we currently [pay],” he said, adding that if Saudi Arabia secured a place at English football’s top table, that would be “letting the fox into the henhouse”.
    It adds that BeIN will 'reconsider' bidding for the TV rights if the takeover goes ahead despite the WTO ruling.’

    This actually reassures me, if they thought they had a leg to stand on they would be doing it all legally, not making threats in the press.

    If they do pull out then the Saudi's will step up to fill the gap, if they don't it'll be a bidding war which the prem will like even more.

    Someone else has pointed out that it can now be regarded as which country the prem wants to annoy least and considering the Govt. are supporting (we can all see it, even if not said) the Saudi bid, that bodes well.

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    Yep, that's a good point about them starting to bluster and make threats.

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    Towel thrown in and toys on the floor. Never a good look, blackmail. As far as I know Bein rely on the Premier League games more than the Premier League would rely on Bein.

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