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Thread: v Chelsea

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    v Chelsea

    Only had to copy and paste same lineup as Sheffield United.




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    74% possession to them at VP, embarrassing, and don't tell me it's Chelsea. Jack looks like he's already at Old Trafford, has McGinn actually recovered from his injury, why no Guilbert and where is Wesley?
    Never mind, I quite enjoyed the Championship.

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    what's the point of playing a back to goal unit like Davis on his own up front? if he's playing as a two he's at least got someone to release to... as we are now there is no-one within twenty yards of him. I fear our lack of planning will take us down.

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    It was hard watching and even harder to see where a win is coming from. No threat no midfield, lack of concentration after the first goal. Umm but it was chelsea, they brought on over 60 million worth in subs, thete passing was superb but tell me this, where the hell was our left back??
    Your right about grealish, even i cannot stand him going to ground, he looks like a guy who just wants out now!
    On to Newcastle, they ripped sheff utd to pieces today, god help us Wednesday. The Championship is calling loud and clear.
    I suppose, its not over till the fat lady sings but come on villa, show some fight!!

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    Unprecedented three month Premiership unbeaten run finally comes to an end !

    • Playing a lone striker/target man isn't going to ruffle opponents feathers
    • Villa just don’t possess/display one shred of attacking intent
    • We can’t afford to be playing in & around our own penalty area
    • What has cost us is our inability to beat teams in & around us

    “Unbelievable as it may seem Jeff “ Dean Smith is a good man who sadly hasn’t been doing a great job !

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    Well that was a mismatch weren't it - Chelsea's formation always looked they had men to spare and we played with 1 up top! Exactly what was the game-plan here from Smith - what happened to the take it to the opposition style that we saw early in the season, and why make it so easy for them to play in between the lines?

    He looks lost to me - can't figure out the oppositions weaknesses and how to nullify their threats, too late now to change manager too - after being so poor for so long it's a miracle we are still only a point behind the others.

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    Sad to say it but relegation is almost a foregone conclusion with the remaining fixtures to be played. The squad are just not good enough to be playing at this level. It is not altogether surprising when you are buying players costing 10 to 20 million while the successful clubs are signing up at least a few costing 40 million plus. In most cases they then bring that extra bit of quality which can bring success.

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    John Terry needs to go too. How can you "celebrate" with an exasperated sign, and 4 hand claps. It's almost like he doesn't really like being at the Villa, and I can't see what he does anyway.

    Davies holding the ball up really well... Shame there were no team mates for 1.5 light years away.

    I'm not happy at all. That was a shower of utter ****e and we don't learn. Crap performance by everyone. Why is Grealish out on the left? What does El Ghazi bring to the table? Willian has Targett in his pocket all game but nothing was done about it. McGinn is not fit. Jack looks disinterested.

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    If we do go down then the question is what do Sawiris, Edens and Purslow do next. Reinvest for another push or cut their losses and move on to a brighter prospect. If option A I cannot believe they would do it with Smith even though I hate and dread the search for yet another manager. Also, it will be without Jack and maybe six others, so major rebuild. Put John Terry in charge maybe, but the job is probably too big for him. Worrying times but hey, that's the Villa!

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    Garbage tbh and it’s hard seeing where we will get points from and smith lacks a plan B.. totally clueless at times and agree about jack as when he drove at them he looked dangerous yet he was more than happy floating about on half way line rather than busting a gut to get forward.. why doesn’t smith play him behind striker ffs or play 2 up top with jack behind as his formation/tactics clearly ain’t working eh.

    Not looking good at all but a win against Newcastle and other results going are way might give us a glimmer of hope.

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