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Thread: PL results are in for games played 20th/21st June.

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    PL results are in for games played 20th/21st June.'ve just got to laugh when you see the scoring below. No less than eight yes eight of us failed to score a single point. That must be an all time record from one set of fixtures.

    It appears that LeedsMiller is abstaining from this mini competition. He is after all this season's champion so, probably giving us all a chance to scrap over this one. Nobody got a perfect 5/5 so no big points grabbed. Roly was the only one to correctly say there would be a total of 26 goals scored so he grabs the bonus point. He also heads the table having predicted two correct scores so well done Roly.

    Like I said, it's only a mini league so make the most of it and, watch out for midweek fixtures being posted as there will be some played.

    The Table

    Roly =3
    Frog =2
    Godsend F.C =1
    Grist to mill = 1
    Lolmorgan = 1
    MillerNez = 1
    Millertop = 1
    pip_y = 1
    Ackworthmiller = 0
    Brin =0
    BramleyMiller 58 = 0
    CAMiller =0
    Casper64frank = 0
    CaytonMiller = 0
    CT Milller = 0
    ParkgateWelfare = 0

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    I purposefully scored Nil Points to make sure Grist's cryptic clue to my cryptic clues was correct

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    I will keep my feet on the floor and take every game as it comes brin"!

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    What a load of crap

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    Bottom of the 1’s alphabetically. Bring in ppg.

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