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Thread: Hendrick gone, Bardsley staying.

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    Hendrick gone, Bardsley staying.

    Hendrick has left the building, but Phil stays for another year...

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    Bardsley's situation being resolved helps, but for a club that has to be financially prudent, how many millions has just been allowed to walk out the door with the departure of Mr Hendrick ?

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    It would appear that Hendrick was offered a new contract, but he decided to move on whether that was to further his career or for more money we will never know. He was a decent squad player and to some degree he did not get the credit he deserved from some of the fans but he has decided to leave so good luck to him for the future.
    Our transfer dealing do seem to be a last minute affair every year, knowing that Bardsley, Hart, Hendrick and Lennon would be out of contract come the 30th June 2020 if we wanted to keep them contracts should have been offered and completed by the end of December 2019, then if it was obvious that a contract extension was not going to be reached the club could have possibly received a transfer fee in the January window for these players.
    As for millions walking out of the door, as anything been said regarding Gibson, surely he must be on his way in the coming transfer window.

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    This new CEO is not floating my boat whatsoever. Gibson is taking the pish and we need to get shut of him with immediate effect IMHO.

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    Is this now really so bad a situation??? Ok, once again our player management is to be woeful' but we could not get Hendrick to stay anyway and financially that's not good, but this happens in football as we all know. I think he could be in for a shock in the post Wuhan virus situation if he thinks he's getting big money somewhere. The rest of them; well Hart is not up to it and costs a fortune. Lennon is never going to be consistent and look a bit part player. Surely we can find a younger winger with some pace for the wages he's getting? As for Gibson well this really is a mess and we Will end up losing on him as well and probably need a younger central defender with real potential as replacement. Given the age of this squad is it not an opportunity to replace these player with younger talent that we maybe able to sell in the future if need arises or when the lure of bigger fish proves too much to resist for the player career??

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