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Thread: Good point

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    Good point

    Didn't see the game though

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    Nah mate imo that was points dropped n especially with games we’ve got coming up.

    If we stand any chance of staying up smith needs to grow a pair and play that team that finished the game.

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    I'm utterly mystified as to what went through the minds of Mings and Hause to crowd the full back position leaving Konsa on his own for their goal. A few minutes earlier Targett had jogged back into the box watching the ball and not a clue that two players were behind him unmarked.

    We deserve to go down - this was a game we needed to win looking at the games ahead, the only urgency we showed was for a spell after they scored and again when Elmo scored. That final free kick from CH summed it up - dreadful, Jack don't look bothered enough anymore either.

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    Watching Villa is....underwhelming slow drawn-out build ups we continually run down blind alleys make countless stray needless passes. It’s been that way all season

    The draw papers over the cracks,at present we are a way below average side who lack self

    El Ghazi has a left foot like a dockers hook neither him or Trezeguet could trick their way into a cheap night club

    Targett best position is left back….in the changing room

    Yet again Konsa has our habitual “look squirrel moment” which nearly cost us

    Trezeguet’s “volley” N A S A reports its now orbiting the earth

    As for Samatta’s “here I am ball come & hit me on the head” the less said the better !

    When Gayle scored I was closer to him than any of our defenders !

    At present I doubt if Smith & Terry could get a tune out of a jukebox

    Apart from those minor pionts ....Everything is wonderful

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    All valid points Freer.

    So, we play a CB at RB, a hexagonal-headed LB at CB, leaving FBs on the bench, and then complain about their goal.

    Trez AND Ghastly on the pitch at the same time? Both are and have been all season, a disgrace.

    Samatta? His work permit was permitted so that he is allowed to work here, “permit to work”, the clue is in the title. So FFS start working then. Surely Vasilev should start alongside Davis. Vasilev is like ffffff Roadrunner.

    Every new game is becoming Jack's quietest of the season. He’s so starved of possession he has to go searching for it, then in the blink of an eye at this level, he’s out of position. Pass to Jack, not to Nyland to bludgeon to the opposition.

    SJM is NOT fit.

    What did we really, truly expect from our ‘Kindergarten’ backroom staff?

    Kindergarten craps.

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    What's got better in the lockdown period?

    For me - Luiz, and we look more organised but still prone to switching off defensively which has me having kittens. I'd also throw in that Nakamba in the time he's had also looks like he's improved.

    That's about it really - great post Exiled

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    Playing Alghazi and Trez leaves us weak in midfield, play just the one with Davis & Samatta up front, Elmo at RB and Konsa in the middle.
    Look all the teams around and us are shlte, its a case if who can be less shlte than the others. Watford lost again tonight. No one is running away, were all basically level if we was going into the last game.
    For me, I think we can scrape a couple of wins and a few draws to stay up.
    To go down: Norwich, Bournemouth and West Ham.

    Us and Watford to finish 1 pt above and we can thank that last minute goal v Watford that keeps us in the prem!

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