In response to andoplzcumbak thread discovered my music was way too uncool and my wardrobe was short of black turtle necks so here is my list of films/TV that i felt were improved by their soundtrack.

Or vice versa

Apocalypse Now - Ride of the Valkyries : Vagner one for the hawks
John Williams – Jaws : Two notes big scary fish
Exploited Made in the UK - Tim Roth fck off defined
Julian Cope - world shut your mouth - The A word : Irony I think.
Thomas Newman / OPP made me laugh - Jarhead (just worked)
Iggy Pop Lust for Life – Trainspotting : Cliché but a great intro
One of these days – Dr. Who – Erse about as Pink Floyd nicked it from the BBC but before my time and was behind the couch.
London Calling – Die Another Day : Awful movie 10 memorable seconds.
Lose Yourself – 8 Mile : Tw@t? Probably, good ending though.
5:15 – Phil Daniels / The Who : Not sure why