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Thread: 2020 a new era

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    2020 a new era

    Hi Folks, this Speedy from Dartford,how is everyone up there getting on.We are still in lockdown but some restrictions have been lifted,so walking the dog,shopping and local trips are allowed.Got footie on tellie so life is just a little less one in family has had the virus but unfortunatelly one of the family has gone down with cancer which slightly dampens things a little.
    Was pleased to see Alex get the job and that he is building up his own team.Lets hope he gets every ones backing Really looking forward to the forum starting up again and hearing from old friends again. Speedy 200

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    Hope you and family are well, Speedy. Restrictions are starting to be eased in Scotland too, roughly a fortnight behind England.

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    Hi everyone!

    KK from East Ayrshire here. There's a very eerie, strange but anxious atmosphere around here which is really sad and heartbreaking, considering just how much COVID-19 has changed our daily lives so dramatically. Nobody that I know has had it so far thankfully and with regard to football, glad Alex has got the job - let's all get behind him and the team! Hi Speedy, hope everything's well down there?

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