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Thread: The Championship

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    The Championship

    Who do you fancy?
    There's been no outstanding team since we were in it and romped it.
    Personally I'd love to see a club like Brentford do it, what a feat that would be. You get clubs like west brom and Leeds who think they have a divine right to get promoted but it would be fantastic for the Bees to play in the top flight.
    Looking back over the season pre covid-19, you could almost smell a Leeds capitulation (again?) and we have an ordinary west brom side that will almost certainly be cannon fodder if they went up.
    There's already a meltdown on the west brom board.

    Cue 923.

    Sorry, after reading that last line he'll pretend he hasn't read this and not reply.

    Damn it. Surely he will after that...

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    Me, I don't mind the Baggies coming up. I enjoy our games against them, good for the local economy, always lot's of talking points, it's what the game is [sorry was] all about. Good luck to them although you are right without major changes this team will go straight back down.

    I think them and Leeds are pretty much nailed on. I would really like to see PNE come out. Proper club, great history, people were really nice when I was at our game at Deepdale a few seasons ago, had a great day out.

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    hey up doggo
    not really bothered who goes up, but having watched brentford and baggies last night
    got to say both of them are not as good as norwich. looks like the standard of footie in the chumps has dropped a bit.

    still think the chumps is the best division in the world.when you lose the disappointment is twice as much and same when you win. a division where nothing is taken for granted

    just saying is all

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    You're right, the standard is pretty poor this season, pandemic or not.

    Whoever goes up is in for a torrid time without major investment.

    Can't agree with the feeling about winning and losing in the Championship though, the feeling after doing the double over the current champions in such dramatic fashion (both times), the away wins at Spurs, the fact that Man Utd are "just another club" and the disappointment of getting nothing against arguably the best club side in the world does it for me.

    Just saying like

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    I thought Brentford looked a decent side last night, with some decent individual players. However, if they get promotion, without major investment they will struggle. As will West Brom, Leeds or Fulham.

    The gap between the bottom of the Premiership and the top of the Championship is getting wider each year. Clubs like Bournemouth with their small crowds are going to struggle to compete.

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    I must confess I rarely watch much football other than the Wolves matches, so I'm not in a position to comment, but after whoever you might pick from the survivors at the bottom of the Premiership (17th+ place); would you think that whoever comes up goes straight back down?

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