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    I hesitate, for any number of historical reasons, to be over - optimistic, but if Steve Clarke can organise Robertson, Tierney, Gilmour, McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong and a couple of others into a unit we might just about have a team.

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    You're a brave man.

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    Until Armstrong scores the winner in the World Cup final he owes us one...

    We will see. I'd say for a start that without any central defenders we're going absolutely nowhere regardless of potential elsewhere. And we've seen before that having wonderful players in certain defensive positions brings little if they can't pass the ball to equally wonderful players who can do something with it - there's a reason Robertson looks so much poorer for Scotland than Liverpool, as Fletcher, Barry Ferguson before him etc.

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    O M G ... this is a serious example of what a 14 week lock-down can do to a man

    I see the logic - C-19 comes along, and the play-offs are postponed. Therefore, in a year's time McGinn, Gilmour, Tierney, McTominay et al, are established first teamers with England's top clubs, and captained by a CL and EPL winner D Robertson (not to mention Turnbull running the show).

    It's almost as if Scotland never had the likes of Harvey, Lorimer, Bremner, McGrain, Hansen, Miller, Souness, Wark, Rioch, Gemmill, Collins, J Robertson, Dalglish, Jordan, Mojo ...

    Ach well, let the man dream. Personally, I'm done with getting het up about it.
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