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Thread: Team vs Sheffield Untied

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    Team vs Sheffield Untied

    I just can't predict what we are gonna do. If I was to guess I'd say he won't chance Brady, Wood and Gudmundsson but they'll be on the bench.

    I think McNeil isn't robust enough to play in a midfield 2 so Brownhill moves in to CM and we play with Pieters left wing and McNeil right.

    However I can also see us keeping 451 and playing Rodriguez or Vydra right wing with the other up top moving McNeil to a centre of 3.

    So for me:

    26 5 6 3
    11 8 18 23
    27 19


    26 5 6 3
    27 8 11 18 23

    But who knows. This has got to be the most complicated pick your first 11 yet!

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    I'm not good with numbers, nor do I have any idea who is injured or fit to play.

    Brady, JBG and Wood seem to have perpetual sick notes and the Corky knock looked pretty bad so:

    Bardsley, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor,
    Brownhill, Westwood, McNeil, Pieters,
    Rodriguez, Vydra.

    Whatever we can muster for the bench.

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    I'm working on the Derby, even with 17 runners and O'Brien sending 7 over from Ireland, it'll be much easier to predict than our team this weekend.

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