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Thread: Saints v Citeh

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    Saints v Citeh

    Anyone watching?

    Saints having a right go, getting in Citeh's faces and showing how dodgy their defence is when you're prepared to attack it.
    Chasing down everything in midfield.
    Maybe they can't keep it up for 90 minutes, but it's great to watch.

    If only that could have been us a week ago.

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    Outstanding effort by Southampton. Never gave up, had a right go and defended as if their lives depended on it.

    Huge credit to their board, too, for sticking with their manager after the 9-0 mauling earlier in the season, especially as (I think) they got twatted by Everton in the next game.

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    Aye great result for them.

    Shame it put them back on same points as us though.

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