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Thread: Bentaleb

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    Getting a good raking on twitter (deservedly) - see article in the mag.
    Said we put up a good fight against City. He must be on drugs.

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    He must have mixed up, We put up a good fight, with
    We were absolutley ****e.

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    He's poor

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    Did OK when we were cruising against Bournemouth when others had done all the hard work but woeful yesterday (not the only one, obviously) but pretty much irrelevant in most of the games since he joined on loan.

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    we shouldnt pay 8p for him let alone 8 million but sadly he is a typical Bruce signing

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidsMagpie View Post
    we shouldnt pay 8p for him let alone 8 million but sadly he is a typical Bruce signing
    i wouldn't like to see any of our loan players sign for us

    theres a reason why they have been made available, they are not young kids, these are seasoned pro's who wont get better than they currently are. Utter shlt

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    No, I agree, Geordie

    And particularly regarding Bentaleb, give Matty Longstaff a decent contract, ffs. We don't need a loan player there to do that job.

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    I don't want Rose - he does not look interested in playing for us.

    Bentaleb, i'd rather have Matty Longstaff. If we had both I wouldn't mind as he is probably useful as a squad player.

    Valentino L - Again i'd have as I think he's alright but I don't think we need to keep him.

    Of course, if the takeover does happen then I think we won't see any of them.

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