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Thread: A lot to be noted from last night.

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    A lot to be noted from last night.

    Smith excuses again, yes VAR has now admitted it got it wrong but utd would still have won, my god it was like a training session for them
    Jack.....looks totally lost, he was carrying an injury and fell awkward, should have come off
    Terry....having a spat with Smith, its obvious now that there is a discord there, one or both need to go as the players have not got a clue.
    Smith....why is he watchimg from the stands, we know hes a fan but hes also the bloody Manager, should be on the touchline barking orders.
    Mings....could be heard swearing at his players, come on effing show some will you, all is not well and its becoming obvious!
    Where is the fight
    Where is the togetherness
    Where is the tempo
    Where is the team
    3 subs came on last night and began to strut around....come on.
    The heads fell off when the penalty was given, they should have been angry.
    Utd are now known for a strong midfield, why did we play with 2 wingers?
    No for me, its obvious, things run deep at VP again and dare I say it. Another clear out coming once we drop.......

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    Very depressing reading Dave, but that’s because it’s absolutely bang on. Trez also gets another full game, WTF?

    We can’t pass the ball to a teammate, we haven’t been able to do it for 10 years. We fluked promotion on the back of a once in a lifetime winning run. It brought complacency, ah everything’s rosy, let’s throw more money at an inexperienced management team, to buy a shed load of inexperienced players. And whilst we’re at it, let’s give the manager a new deal at Xmas, when we’re effing appalling.

    We’ve been the epitome of how not to do things, we’ve rewritten the book, maybe we should read the effing thing, and do something about it.

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