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Thread: Stupid things done in the past?

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    Stupid things done in the past?

    After seeing the lady in the air plane ,it got me thinking ? So what did I do seems stupid now. I took a Royal Jordanian Airways flight to India ,but I had not noticed this flight stopped in Tehran, when we landed at the airport in Tehran. I had this feeling I had to step out of the plane and look around just from outside,an Israeli in Tehran! wow! I asked the stewardess if I could just stretch my legs, they were in pain (wink) and I needed to just walk a little, near the plane! That I was allowed to do, mission accomplished.
    Another country visited,what luck,(and Iran,our enemy) which left me smiling all the way to India!!!

    Another incident. I was stationed on the border with Lebanon,being a few days there I really wanted to go inside looking at it everyday.One Saturday this officer came to us in an army jeep. He asked my friend if he wanted to go inside Lebanon,he could not accept as his parents were on there way to visit him,the officer saw me close by and asked me. - 'Sure I said ' ,A quick reply.There I was in an army jeep being chauffeured around Lebanon,I saw Tyre and Sidon from the outskirts. I saw this open american car with about 6-7 kids at the back all with guns,this certainly was the wild west! At one point near moorland he asked if I saw that hawk in the sky ? He said for every bird like this there are at least 18 guns on it at some point in time. The trip made me want to go again.
    I had my uniform,when I am free I can grab a lift inside again. I remember getting to a point were I was dropped off near Tyre or Sidon,just then I thought,it hit me ,phuck me!! I am alone in a Israeli uniform!!!Quickly I went to the other side of the road and caught a lift back out !!
    Its Friday but come on lads lets be knowing ?

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    Bloody Hell Balan, I really do not know where to start. I'll get back to you!

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    If I started from the age of 5 I'd still be listing them this time tomorrow.

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    Without going into any detail the two stupidest things I've ever done was making a parachute jump, and exploring a couple of the most difficult and dangerous potholing/caving routes in the Yorkshire Dales whilst a complete novice. I was lucky to come out alive both times.

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    Driving on the autobahn from Munich to Augsburg in a BMW M5 at 200km per hour was pretty bloody stupid, and I was only keeping up with the traffic! I could go on and on, but I won't!

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    So everybody was doing 200 km? But not bad if you were a dazzling 25 year old. I do not think it was when F C Augsburg played at home, then not when they played TSV 1860 Munich, nor FC Bayern Munich? Come on BT, spill more beans.

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