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Thread: Mirandinha in 442 mag

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    Mirandinha in 442 mag

    Said that his best moment ever for us was turning on the christmas lights. Not for me though. His best moment came at old trafford,it was not the 2 goals he scored or hitting the bar 3 times with one shot (I kid you not his shot had that much spin on it it ran along the front of the bar). Neither was it the fact he had such a good game he could of played manure by himself.
    It was the fact that one manure centre half stood with his foot on the ball and Mira came charging in knocked him about 10 foot onto his arse. The defender screamed and cried for a free kick and the ref just said get up and made the shoulder to shoulder sign and played on. You guessed it the whingy faced defender a certain Steve Bruce
    I absolutely loved it

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    Would have been sent off and quite possibly shot in today's game.

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    Suprised he did not break his finger pushing the button.

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