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Thread: East stand new name ?

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    East stand new name ?

    Jack Charlton stand ?
    If this was named after him how would you feel about it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonfalifekevbrown View Post
    Jack Charlton stand ?
    If this was named after him how would you feel about it ?
    not for me like.

    Played all his career at Leeds and only managed us for 48 games

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    There is a large queue in front of him to name that stand,Keegan,Shearer,Sir Bobby,Joe Harvey and so on.

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    No thanks.

    He managed us for a bit and I don't think anyone remembers his time here with any great fondness.

    The Sir Bobby Robson Stand or the Keegan Stand for me. To be honest, the Sir Bobby Robson Stand has a ring to it.

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    Not for me either. Re-name the Sir John Hall stand after Sir Bobby, fck Hall, he knew what Ashley wanted the club for and still sold it to him. The East Stand after King Kev.

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    Not for me.

    Many ahead of him in name stand rights.

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    When the takeover is complete it should be named the Kevin Keegan Stand after all he did for the club as a player and manger

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    Pull it all down and find a site for a 80000 ground

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    100% SIR Alan Shearer stand !!!!!!!!!

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    Still like the old names Leazes, Gallowgate ,although cos the Milburn Stand was new I use that instead of the West Stand. I am old enough to remember them building the East stand and calling it the New Stand. So I maybe like calling it after its original name The Poplar (NOT POPULAR like some think)
    But if we are were to call it after someone it would be Joe Harvey, Kevin Keegan or Sir Bobby Robson all come above Shearer for me and since Jackie Charlton (loved him as a bloke but hated his football ) only spent one miserable season here and achieved nowt I would not name anything after him. Leave that for Leeds to do
    Mind you I still think there should be something named after Stan Seymour.
    And its a pity the open air sh!tters are gone from the Gallowgate we could of named them after Ashlie
    The Sh!thouse Sh1tters has a nice ring to it
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