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Thread: WTO should read this re: Qatari working conditions

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    WTO should read this re: Qatari working conditions

    U.N. report shows migrant workers in Qatar still suffer under kafala
    A new report by the U.N., due to be presented at the U.N. Human Rights Council this week, found that migrant workers in Qatar are subject to structural racial discrimination and exploitation under the prevailing kafala system in the country.

    The kafala system of employment ties migrant workers to their employer and is notorious for leaving predominantly low-paid workers vulnerable to exploitation and modern slavery.
    fkn hypocrites

    nb:Fifa responded to the report but failed to detail any actions it would take to support migrant labourers and tackle the structural racism and exploitation underpinning the construction of World Cup projects.

    full article;

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    I know the report is a couple of months old but who knew a journalist had died in a Qatar prison after allegedly being tortured.

    Who would of thought this of squeaky clean Qatar. That hotbed according to Gorrila mits of morality and decency.
    That little country with so many in its pocket due to brown envelopes.
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