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Thread: Edinson Cavani......

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    Edinson Cavani......

    Radrizzani has stated that a deal could be possible !!

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    Played at the top level for sure, and done well (goal a game nearly for the last three seasons before 19/20), but he's 33 and goal scoring has dropped off a cliff in 19/20 (even accounting for the shortened season in France), to something more like a goal in three four appearances, and the regularity of his appearances have also declined from 2018 to now.

    The PL may not be as physically demanding as the Championship, but is it likely that he will stand the pace of the PL?

    There is a reason he's being let go on a free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by costa_blanca_white View Post
    Radrizzani has stated that a deal could be possible !!
    At 33, and having to pay his high wages, do we really want him? I prefer younger player.

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    I just don't see it. It you are going to play up front in a Bielsa team then you have to run your nuts off as Bambi does, there is no way Cavani is going to put in the same shift, even discarding being 33. I cannot see the Master changing the way we play, therefore it will be a hungry top class loan striker from one of the top 4 who will develop under Bielsa and move on.

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    Just read some article that said he was on €38 mill a season at PSG - noway he is coming to Leeds if that is anywhere near true. Could just be good PR from Leeds just to be associated with that caliber of player, might help other players to consider joining us?

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    I like Radrizzani, but guy needs to keep his mouth shut on stuff like this.

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    Just makes me smile when I think of the huge clubs that he's being linked with

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    according to WTF11 hes shighte though

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    Quote Originally Posted by asturianblanco View Post
    according to WTF11 hes shighte though

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    Now linked with Batshauyi too / nice to be linked with this type of player rather than in the dreary years where it was the likes of Paynter and Brown!

    Looks like Brighton have given the green light to sell Ben White and with Man City spending big on a CB maybe our chances are looking up. 49ers are upping investment too!

    I would be very happy with younger players with something to prove and more willing to listen to el professori. White, Watkins/Benrama, midfielder and one more defender would be great.

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