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Thread: Prediction League - Chelsea

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    Prediction League - Chelsea

    Wolves head into their final match of the Premier League with a lot on the line. We will play a Chelsea squad that also have quite a bit on the line. The current situation is Chelsea would like to secure a Champions League place. The only way they do not is if they lose and Leicester wins or draws. So Chelsea would love to secure a point. Wolves are currently in 6th and we can either guarantee that spot with a win, or depend on Tottenham not getting a win against Crystal Palace. I would think Tottenham would beat them as we easily disposed of Palace the other day and they have nothing to play for. If we fall down to 7th, we could still get to Europa League, but we would need Chelsea to beat Arsenal in the FA Cup. I would rather not depend on that result!

    As for the match itself goes, Chelsea have been in solid form since the return. In league play, they have 5 wins, 0 draws and 3 losses. They also have big wins against Leicester and ManU in the FA Cup. Willian, Pulisic and Giroud have been in solid goal scoring form with a handful from each. I would think Wolves will try to sit back, stay collected and cohesive and then try to hit on the break.

    Reminder: This is not the last day of the Prediction League. We still have at least one more Europa League match, with potentially more to follow!

    Chelsea 1-1 Wolves


    1) WOODLANDSWOLF - 41.8
    2) MichiganWolf - 38.10
    3) Woking88 - 38.8
    4) abbobrom - 32.3
    5) wolfiebill - 27.9
    5) GrizzledWolf - 27.9
    7) nortonwolf - 25.3
    8) plater - 22.4
    9) wolves71 - 15.1
    10) Palmeras - 13.3
    11) ARAbCHNID - 1

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    I am doing this as I win either way. Sincerely hope that I am wrong but

    Chelsea 2 Wolves 1


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    Chelsea 1 Wolves 2

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    Chelsea 1 Wolves 2 Jimenez

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    Tough game this. Going for a draw 1-1, Jiminez, but wouldn't be surprised to see more goals. Still a tie though!

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    Chelsea 1-1 Wolves


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    Chelsea 1-1 Wolves. (Jimenez)

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    Chelsea 1 - Wolves 2 (Jimenez)

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