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Thread: Final Mini PL results are in.

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    Final Mini PL results are in.

    The final mini league results are in and we have a clear winner. Out there on his own, albeit by one point, he is still 'top dog' and that accolade goes to CTMilller. His triple consecutive effort of predicting the correct goal tally came home to roost. Very well done indeed.

    A valiant effort of 4/5 saw Godsend F.C put in a good chase but he finished second. Hard luck fella.

    What was a short burst of fixtures, kept us thinking along the way. Some unbelievable results that only the bookies were grateful of

    The wooden spoon, well stats don't lie and if you don't submit then you don't score and this affected Frog's position so, he bags the wooden spoon and CaytonMiller gets out of it, not be default because he still posted as required. Personally, you spawny git Cayton,

    I hope you've all enjoyed this mini league and I look forward to introducing a few changes to the point scoring system nearer the time of the start of next season. Get your ideas in if you have any.

    Final shout out to two very worthy winners: LeedsMiller, Season Champion and CTMilller, Mini League Champion, well done gentlemen.

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    Yes well done CT Miller I knew my days were numbered at the top when I saw him coming up on the stand side. A worthy winner!

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    I see this comp as me getting a close 2nd place.
    Thanks for running brin. Very entertaining

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    The pin didn’t do too bad in the end

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    Congratulations CT Milller.
    Almost caught you but Bristol City v PNE let me down. Thanks Brin for all the time and hard work 😓 in running the competition.

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    Well done CT, a well deserved victory.
    Thanks Brin for taking the time to run the competition.

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