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Thread: Our Squad

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    Our Squad

    right folks, thought i'd get back to doing what i do best, DEBATABLE THREADS! lol

    lets have a look at the squad. the only 3 senior players i think could possibly leave or be transfer listed are - Casilla due to race ban, Berardi due to getting long injury just before contract expiry, and forshaw as the poor fella can't get fit no matter what he does.

    If it was me, i'd actually keep all 3, they all know bielsas style and requirements, what proof was there to definitely know casilla made a racist comment, its IMPOSSIBLE to prove, he was found guilty on the probability or imo, possibility that he said it. Berra was MASSIVELY unlucky to get such a long injury so close to the end of the season, hes been EXCELLENT everytime hes played this season, the stats prove that too in terms of his positive influence on the pitch, I REALLY hope he is offered a 1 year deal with auto 1 year extention if he gets fit again, we've looked after other players before now like forshaw, roberts, bamford, who have all had long periods injured at leeds and 2 of those came back and did really well, forshaw being the odd one out, who when fit is a good player, just a shame he can't hit double figure apps in a season right now. It is for that reason that I would still keep forshaw, hes a good player when fit, and from what i can gather, a good bloke with a good attitude, so for the time being at least, i'd keep him too.

    So then we look at additions, of which i don't think we need many. Due to the injuries that forshaw keeps having, i believe a vastly experienced premier league midfielder who knows the club inside out and even supports the club would be perfect, ladies and gentlemen, i give you, James Milner! hes as fit as a butchers dog and very similar to Pablo, even at his age, would do excellent in the middle of the park for leeds.

    Meslier and Costa have already been signed up, no issues there, HOWEVER, the biggest of our loan signings this season HAS to be signed up, 30-35million I believe would do it, I give you, Ben White! this kid will be, very much like our very own KP, an england international in a year or 2, imo, MUST be bought. I would also be keen for us to keep Jack Harrison as well, hes improved this season from last, hes an obvious talent with his tricks and ball control, and if he continues to improve his end product, could maybe even get into the england squad in a couple more years, however hes currently not as close to the squad as white or phillips in my opinion, Yet! Talks of another loan or a permy deal have been suggested, my only worry of a loan move is that his price could go up from 8-12mil to 20-25mil if he impresses on loan again, so i think a loan with first option to buy at say 15mil to compromise would be ok (we did the same deal for costa after all).

    so then I believe that, IF casilla goes, a new GK is required, also because of Berras ijnjury, another CB, 2 if we can't get white, are required, and then finally, a striker.

    That for me would do it. Obviously theres been rumours of Edinson Cavani whos contract at PSG is up, at 33 if given the right service, he could still be a threat and a goalscorer, but the deal break for me with him is wages, it depends on how much he wants, and we aren't in a position to be offering players 100k a week no matter how good they are, the only way that could be funded is on the basis we wouldnt pay a fee for him.

    for the other positions, I'm not sure who else we've been linked with, but we should at the very least be able to fill our bench with senior players, and even then, bielsa will still use our younger players, coz theyre that damn good!

    which players would you like to see come to Leeds this summer?

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    Welcome back Clive. Good to have you back.

    some thoughts....FWIW

    all depends on MB staying. Please make that happen.

    1) a lot (21 million) rides on whether we have to buy KJA. If so then I think that might lock up a chunk of money and change the dynamics on a striker signing. However, could be offset by new investor money. Might be a little more money to sign players.

    2) we are set at Keep. I'd keep Meslier as our first choice and find a cheaper option as backup. Kiko is way overpriced to be a second stringer and there are clubs very interested in him supposedly. Offload that expense.

    3) would be worth breaking the bank to sign White. You'll probably have to adjust KP's wages as well.

    4) need a backup for Pablo. He's getting a little old. However, I thought Shack, Povda and Strujik looked very handy. They could play at the prem level if MB wants them to.

    I think our squad this season was a mid table prem team. If we had a striker we'd have more likely been top half of the table. Bamford does lots of useful things but can't score regularly. Those chance s are much fewer in the prem.

    Not sure what the clubs expectations are if they get a big cash infusion. club could be a top 10 team the first year. Really don't beleive we'll be a relegation candidate if they keep MB

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    I think with Forshaw, he has been desperately unlucky with the way he has been managed with regards to his injury. I think the club have tried to nurse him though it when it finally turned out that an operation was required. If fit I think he could be good cover for Phillip's or even Klich.

    Left back is a position we need cover in, if Douglas is not the answer then get rid and bring someone else in as Dallas and Allioski will fall short in the premiership imo.

    GK We have good cover,
    CB we need cover but I dont think Beradi is the answer.
    We need a decent replacement for Hernandez, Roberts doesn't cut it in that position for me.
    Wingers we have ample cover, if they can start putting more quality passes together in final 3rd.
    CF would love to see a couple more brought in. Not sure who though.

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    i'd forgotten about the KJA situation, hopefully that goes in our favour, interesting 1 about casilla, its true we have a lot of good young GKs in our squad, meslier miazek caprille huffer, will be interesting to see what happens there, in terms of a cheap 2nd option, maybe carson, or even BPF if burnley arent using him

    i would break the bank (to a certain degree) on white, hes young english and excellent doing Marcelos style.

    in terms of our best young talent, english wise youve got huffer hosannah davis casey cresswell phillips (captain and he came through academy) shackleton stevens poveda edmondson (yes i know poveda is eligible for columbia) , now if that u23 lineup played an u23 match, it would beat almost any u23 team going, you could even put harrison in there (kp would be the 1 overage player allowed), i really like the balance between youth and experience in our squad now. in terms of foreign young talent its meslier miazek caprille struijk and bogusz amongst others, its really good how theyre doing right now, i hope we sort out the youth coaching going forward coz CC was a good coach. Maybe promote jacko to u23s, or even a cheeky approach to simon grayson or neil redfearn, both would work well imo.

    i really would keep all the seniors from this season, theyve done what no other squad could do, they deserve a season in the PL, when i say seniors that would be casilla meslier ayling dallas douglas alioski cooper white berardi phillips forshaw klich hernandez costa harrison shackleton bamford roberts, if all were fit i think that more often than not would be our 18 when benches get back to normal

    i agree we need to find the next hernandez for when pablo retires, but bring him in as pablos magic understudy, hopefully we will soon :-)

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    I think the club will have to look after Beradi for his rehab as it happened in contract

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    Well Clive,I'll offer this for you.

    As I've stated before Bielsa likes quick,fluid,consistent full backs and Leeds obviously require a left back and French media suggesting French /Algerian Yasser Larouchi is one we favour.Also Liverpool based journalist David Lynch of London's Evening Standard rag has also suggested it too

    Only 20 - Wikki page suggests 'his style' could fit the club profile so leaving cash for a number 5 of PL quality - Arsenal in the Cup second half showed Bielsa what we require,IMO.

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    missed you Clive

    You are right about the second half V Arsenal MrsO, striker a priority, we should have been out of sight by half time in that game.

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    True about the Arsenal game. But then again, no real difference to most of the games we played this season. Shouldnt have needed a game against PL quality to highlight this deficiency to Bielsa.
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    all i would say is we look better with bamford in the team than without, he must have been doing something right

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    Bamford is a decent player but he does miss a lot of chances that in the prem you need to convert. Said for ages I think he might be a good 10 and think he played there on the few occasions he was in the team with Roofe.

    The kid Almada we are linked with looks decent. - quick and lots of Skill.

    Agree White would be great to sign. Then we need to add in a bit more quality up front and at left back.

    The big unknown is how ready MB thinks the youngsters are for the prem the advantage they have is they have been subjected to the Bielsa system for at least a year in most cases so know what he wants.

    We seem to be blessed with youngsters in midfield - Shack, Gotts, McAlmont, Stevens, Bogusz plus more so if just two of those come through strongly that will be a big plus.

    Anyone know if Davies at left back is injured?

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