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Thread: Well done Dave

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    Well done Dave

    Lg2 Manager of the Year

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    Very well deserved - I bet his acceptance speech was worth listening to!

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    As someone who, a couple of seasons ago, was suggesting DA moved on, I can honestly say that I was badly wrong. For the last two seasons he has been top draw and quietly re-building and improving the playing staff and structure. Having advocated that we bring in someone from outside (less said about Fraudersson the better!!), there is no doubt that DA's knowledge of the club has been a real asset, and I can only say that the Manager of the year award is thoroughly deserved - praise too for Kenny Lunt. Given the removal of the club's millstone that was Hassell, I hope we are now seeing a re-birth of the club and one that can establish itself in League One.

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    Don't want to blow my own trumpet (you know I do, really!) but am glad I suggested on his appointment that we had the 'dream team' with Big Dave and Kenny.
    It's wonderful that he and Kenny and, more importantly the club have got this recognition. Maintaining a philosophy on very little money and, recently, in the face of cowardly media attention, is a truly remarkable achievement. Well done Dave and all!

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    Absolutely, and voted on by the other L2 managers.... or those that were still in post! These things usually go to the winner’s manager as a matter of course so it’s great the Dave is recognised for the way he does things, not just the end result. And you aren’t going to vote for someone you don’t like so I guess it helps that he seems a decent sort... mind you, unlikely to get a vote from Maamria!!!

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    Hi guys,
    I'm usually one of the lurkers, just reading the posts (rather than getting involved in the discussions) to see whats going on with our Mighty Alex. But I had to weigh in with a comment on DAs achievement. Much has, quite rightly, been made of the on-field development of this quite gifted group of players that he has moulded into an excellent cohesive unit that, with the right additions, will, i think, be relatively comfortable in League 1 next season. But where I think DA stands above the rest is in his self analysis. Here's a good example of what I'm on about:

    I don't think anyone can argue that, in the previous two seasons, DAs antics on the sidelines has cost us points. Ranting at officials, getting sent to the stands and touchline bans were relatively commonplace, and you could see that his touchline explosions and losses of composure were affecting the players on the pitch. Either he recognised the fact, or someone pointed it out to him. Either way, he wasn't precious about it. He identified it as a weakness and just got himself on an anger management course in the closed season and eradicated that 'weakness' from his armoury. I think that speaks absolute volumes about the man. Also, on BBC RS this morning, he was very gracious and fulsome in his praise for those around him in the club.

    Really well done DA, and all the staff at the club on a richly deserved award. An absolute gem of a manager. I just hope we can hold on to him.

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