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    Dean smith

    Had his critics on other villa boards and i think i saw you EV on the baggies board saying you dont really care if he stays or walks but i think the blokes down a great job when you think any other team that has had a complete rehab of a team coming up from the championship has gone straight back down ......we survived

    Now with team only needing half a dozen new (better quality) signings he can be judged much more fairly by the xmas period.

    Remember also last season he had the illness of his father on the back of his mind not too sure about Terry maybe hes the bloke to get replaced with a more expierenced no2.

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    Yes deserves another crack at it, at least till Christmas. Unfortunately its a results Business, we know if we are struggling again he will go but if he gets the right players and Jack stays, who knows?
    Good luck to him, he is Villa through and through.
    I for one have to eat humble pie as I did call for his head but I was confused!!🥴

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    Yes av, I was referring to an opinion that I voiced a while back on here. What I wrote was that due to our promotion and his Villa links, I did not want to see him hounded out. I didn’t want to see him ridiculed and abused. I also added that if he chose to walk away, head held high, then I would not be upset, more relieved, if you like.

    I stand by that now. Over the season we were rotten. I was/am disheartened and frustrated by his excuses, week after week. His post match interviews were depressing, feeble and confusing. His body language and that of his staff was as if they were bamboozled. The players played like a drain. Sat too deep, unable to pass to a teammate. Unable to cross a ball consistently. Jack alone was 2nd in the overall ‘chances created’ stats, yet our conversion rate was shocking. Who was coaching them?

    We were lucky to come up, lucky to survive, and yes, I’d rather have a lucky manager than an unlucky one. However, luck cannot be relied upon, it is not a skill that can be honed. When will it run out? I have never called for his head, and I have not continued to hammer home my doubt. Until, I am asked.

    I am however, very fond of DS, but I just think we could do better. In the same way that I’m very fond Stella Artois, but I don’t pour it on me ice cream (anymore ).

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    I think the criticism of Deano was most of the time fair. We were crap and he had to take some responsibility. Getting in a big handful of playerd with no premiership experience didnt help much. However the gamble did pay off by the skin of our teeth and now reaping the rewards with the likes of Konza Trez and Luis looking like they can hit the ground running next season.
    Was Deano crap or was it just the squad? i dont know im still on the fence or in the fence as in a previous post.
    As my dad says "if in doubt do nowt"

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