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Thread: New Season, New Beginning

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    New Season, New Beginning

    So after probably the most traumatic and stressful five years out of my forty two supporting this bloody Club, we are finally back to where we should never have left in the first place. Covid19 obviously means that we can’t take part in this as we all would have liked, but after some of our recent traumas I’ll take anything and if it means sitting in front of a TV set then I’ll take that quite frankly.

    This season is going to be tough, no question. I personally have no ideas above our station and if we finish in 10th with at least some signs of progress then that will do for me. Hopefully, we’ll do a little better than that but everybody still needs to remind themselves that the recovery from THAT January transfer window and all that followed is not complete, not by a long chalk. Re-establishing ourselves in the top league is the final and most difficult step in our recovery and one I suspect, at best, is going to take another 2-3 seasons. Remember it took Sir Craig and Pedro four years to take us from the depths, to a team that started qualifying for Europe and ultimately winning the Scottish Cup. We should expect nothing less again this time round really.

    Consequently, as a support we need to constantly remind ourselves of this and to be patient as the season progresses. Hopefully a lot of the younger punters (like my son for instance) who started going up in the early Sir Criag days will not now take for granted what we had and that it takes constant hard work to maintain this. Myself and many others of my generation were the same with relegation in 1995 following years and years of nothing but success. Certainly I myself NEVER take anything for granted after that and as I say, hopefully the younger loons have learned similar lessons now after the recent traumas. Success does not come easy and you should always appreciate it for what it is when it comes around.

    Having said all that, it really has been amazing the loyalty our fan base has displayed over the last five years. Defying Funster predictions of ‘Sna Aff A Dyke’, season ticket numbers have been maintained, culminating in year on year increases in the last couple of seasons. The loyalty we have displayed despite some total utter cack in recent times has been remarkable and our loyalty and devotion can now absolutely never be questioned moving forward regardless of what may happen. So thank you fellow Arabs.

    Of course, even at a late stage nothing is never easy as an Arab and there always seems to be a punch in the solar plexus round the corner and of course this time it’s been Covid, Bride Of Chucky and Robbie Neilson. Thankfully that’s now behind us and hopefully the squad will take that adversity and use it to motivate them on the pitch. Incredibly, I do feel we’ve actually come out of this with a managerial upgrade albeit not exactly by design, but I’ll take that. Obviously, we need an extra bit of quality and depth, but the window lasts until a October so let’s give MM some slack and give him time and patience to make sure he gets in the RIGHT players not just any old guys just to make up the numbers. Survival is our current aim but we still need to think for the next couple of seasons beyond that and this should be minded with regard who we bring in. One absolute must is keeping Sir Lawrence for one more season. I think that really is quite critical. Hopefully the new owners are more than aware that selling the wrong players at the wrong time and for the wrong fees and for the wrong intentions are what started our downward spiral in the first place. Those sort of errors by our previous, ahem, ‘owner’ need to NEVER be repeated.

    But finally as Arabs let’s give ourselves a huge collective round of applause. Our loyalty can never, ever be questioned again. We have put up with some horrendous times over the last five years but we’ve held fast, stuck to it and now come back stronger than ever. Let’s continue that into today and into the future and when the good times roll around again, by God we’ll appreciate them all the more.


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    Agreed. Well said.

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    Great post. Agreed, this season is all about staying up and will take a few years to get to where we want to be, if we get there...

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    Spot on James, great post

    Let's get behind the team and manager, even if we struggle at times and don't get off to the start we want.. Pts in the board early would be great but given the circumstances its not the be all and end all, we are underdogs today and this season

    Like you I would take 10th for first season back, cmon United!!

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    To be averaging 8,500 in our 4th season in The Championship is great testimony to the fans. It a pity that we would have been looking at a really bumper crowd today back in The Premiership. It is going to be interesting to see how the players respond to the new style of play Micky wants us to play

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    I'll be happy if we manage to stay up, but think it will go better than that. One of the EF posters said something about hoping there won't be calls for the manager to be sacked if we only win 3 of our first 5 games. Whilst I recognise his sarcasm, I'd be over the ****ing moon with 3 wins from our first 5 games.

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    I'm really looking forward to seeing MM's philosophy emerging on the park as the season progresses.

    Hopefully we'll see the team really motivated, playing attacking football and with a bit of swagger too.

    The first thing we need to do though, is to find our feet after making the step up to the top league.

    Keeping it tight at the back so that the likes of Shanks, Louis and Nicky can score the goals that bring us win points rather than draw points.

    There will be many challenges to be faced and overcome, and it's a shame that we can't be in the ground to support the team as they take on this journey. Nevertheless, their is a great feeling of togetherness and solidarity around the club ATM.

    We truly are some fvcking club - 'mon United!!!

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    Yeah great post James. 100% agree with all of it. I too have been incredibly proud of the loyalty displayed by our fans during incredibly tough times. It should also be said incredibly tough financial times for many people when a season ticket could probably be ill afforded. I'm totally buzzing about the coming season, far more than I would have been with RN in charge. Bring it on!

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    Spent the night sleeping in a laundry basket in the changing room but iím just happy to be here to see the first game....

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    Brilliant post James,it must have taken longer than some of my poems to compose.

    They said we'd disappear like Sna aff a dyke,
    but season ticket sales produced a spike,
    loyal Arabs followed nae matter the pain,
    to be this city's number one club again.

    FACT with a WASC.

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