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Thread: Points Deduction

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    Points Deduction

    Seems very unfair to me how the 12 points deduction for Sheffield Wednesday comes in to play next season - had it been this season they would have been relegated and Charlton would have stayed up. Same with Wigan they deducted the 12 points this season but had they stayed up without the deduction the points would have then been deducted next season.

    Very unfair and inconsistent yet again! I hope clubs take legal action!

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    They should all behave and abide by the rules.

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    I do feel that Sheffield Wednesday have been treated far more advantageously than Wigan. Both clubs broke the rules in the same season and therefore should have been treated in exactly the same way. Wigan and Charlton should contest the decision and if it did go to a court of law I suspect that Sheffield could find themselves on the wrong end of the decision. Mind you, I am no legal expert and open to contradiction.

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    Sounds very unfair and erratic.

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