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Thread: I see now

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    I see now

    Something has just struck me quite clearly after this debacle and, as I understand it, how it has come about.
    I often wondered how on earth pundits and press could praise Ashley’s way of running the club and criticizing those (the real fans) who opposed him and stayed away. Also, more recently, defending Bruce and saying what a great job he’s doing.
    It seems obvious now that they are all pandering to the big six (who control the PL) and all to keep NUFC down. The entertainers must still be fresh in the memory and the thought of a rocking city of Newcastle propelling the club to the top of English football, a real fear. I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist but this is the only explanation I have and the PL have been forced to expose this hidden agenda over the takeover.

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    I think you're right mate, I've always thought this business with Qatar etc. was a smokescreen. The fakeover was dead in the water from the outset.

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    I was going to start a very similar thread because I've been thinking along these lines also. Unlike you though I love a good conspiracy theory and think a lot of truth lies in most of them. What I have mainly been thinking though and I hope I don't get shot down for this but, has Ashley been sort of right running the club's the way he has? Yes a hell of a lot of things he's done have been massively wrong or looked that way but how much actually is? What i mean is, what is the point in him running it any other way when it's clear now for everyone to see the League DON'T WANT CHANGE. They don't want anyone sneaking through or progressing beyond a certain point. I bet they hate the fact Leicester have but was absolutely buzzing they didn't get Champs league. So why would he hugely invest or pay astronomical wages to players who want 'champs league football' how much can any team out of that top 6 build and is there any point whatsoever? I'm starting to think not really. What would be the point of spending millions upon millions to battle for a 6 place finish and Europa League football at best which can then jeopardise the following premier League season. Look I hate the guy as much as anyone else but I'm starting to look at certain things (NOT ALL) he's done at the club and think most would probably do the same.

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    Some interesting points there Jacko but I don,t think for one minute that Ashlie has ran the club the way he has because he realised it was a closed shop. He has ran the club as he has, firstly out of incompetence (he said himself he was not a football man). Later out of spite (see treatment of club heroes, Keegan, Shearer, Jonas and Rafa etc. All the way because of greed and megalomania (anyone who has stood up to him were out the door asap). Him not trying is nothing to do with the corrupt system( which is the premier league) but the closed shop is partly due to him(and others) not trying to break the system and better it

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